1. Anonymous said: When texting a guy, would you rather the girl played it cool or sounded a bit enthusiastic. Would that freak you out if you barely knew each other?

    I think a little bit of both would be best. It would freak me out if you were really enthusiastic and I barely knew you. I don’t know haha sorry

  2. Team Peaks

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  3. Hi


  4. I just popped a bottle of champagne and the cork bounced off a wall and hit me in the neck. I’m so smooth


  5. Rubber Soul >

  6. Last night

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  7. Naomi Punk in Brooklyn 

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  8. alternativeapparel:

    Photo by Daniel Topete


  9. chandlerlikefromfriends said: i'm sure somebody's asked you this before but who's your favorite artist that you've worked with?

    I love all my bands. I’ve been fortunate to work with really great people. Hard to pick a favorite but I would have to say The Orwells, Twin Peaks and Eagulls are my favorites for sure.


  10. Anonymous said: do you hav gf?

    Yes she smells amazing and is way too pretty for me. Can’t wait to get home to her


  11. Anonymous said: what lens do you use for your ftb? also i love your pictures theyre sssssoooooo kewwwwl

    It’s a 1.4 fd I think? Maybe 1.8? I forget

  12. Such a bummer Death By Audio is closing. Here’s a picture of FUZZ playing one of my favorite shows of the year there

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  13. Die Antwoord at Reading. One of the harder shows to shoot at Reading, definitely the weirdest. Shot for the homie wleephoto

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  14. The Wytches at Reading 2014

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  15. Looks like I’m going to D.C tomorrow for the day!