1. The warehouse I stayed at in London and an awkward photo of me. Thank you so much neelastica for hooking me up with such a great household and keeping me alive in London. Do yourself a favor and go follow her

  2. Enter Shakari at Reading Festival 2014
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  3. The Horrors at Reading Festival shot for NME
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  4. Back home and it’s really nice. Now I’m going to go eat a ton of Chinese food and get a bunch of film developed. Photos soon

  5. Twin Peaks portraits on instant film


  6. Anonymous said: what's your favorite london memory?

    Lots. The last night I was there I was leaving a gig I shot and on the ride home I sat in the front row on the top level of a double decker bus and blasted Juan Wauters and just people watched. Sounds lame but it was pretty amazing

  7. Twin Peaks at Baby’s All Right

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  8. Matt Healy of the 1975 at Reading Festival. Photo by me

  9. The Orwells playing ping pong backstage at Reading festival 

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  10. Anonymous said: When you are using your film camera, do you use a flash? if so what flash?

    The only flash I use on my film camera is the built in one to my point and shoot. I’ve never used flash with my film slr

  11. the-orwells:

    We put together a live EP for Noisetrade, download “Live From Dingwalls” for free here: http://noisetrade.com/theorwells/the-orwells-live-from-dingwalls

    My photo used for another orwells cover!

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  12. whatemilywears:

    had the pleasure of meeting the talented butiwasthere last week, looking forward to seeing the photos he took whilst he was in leeds

    "Fuck off Dan!"


  13. Anonymous said: Daniel I'm honestly so happy for you that Rolling Stone used one of your photos. I really hope you go far, I do. One day I'm just going to be sitting there and your name's going to come up in conversation or in a magazine or on the internet and I'll be able to say, "Hey I, like, kinda know that kid." Keep on doing what your doing. I really enjoy seeing your photography.

    This is the best. Thank you so much. I won’t let you down


  14. Anonymous said: Do you have anymore pictures from their U street music hall show in march?

    When I get back to New York I’m planning working on that tour set. I’ll try to post some more

  15. Leaving Reading I saw this and had to take a quick picture