1. Drunk. Film and pictures by aishahatter

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  2. The Orwells at Irving Plaza
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  3. Catching up with Matt backstage before Irving Plaza 
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  4. Anonymous said: Post lots of crowd pics please!



  5. Anonymous said: I've been thinking about purchasing a film camera (it will be my first) do you have any recommendations? thanks!

    Canon ae1, canon ftb, Pentax k1000


  6. embracethepie said: ah damn :/ stoked to see photos from the irving show though!

    Busy today but I’ll be posting some stuff tomorrow for sure!

  7. Henry backstage at Irving Plaza

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  8. Mario Cuomo getting pulled out of the crowd at Irving Plaza

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  9. Anonymous said: what upcoming shows are you going to?

    A bunch. Twin peaks, the Wytches, the Kills, Together Pangea, Mac demarco, Deerhoof, Speedy Ortiz. Lots more during cmj too but I don’t know which shows exactly


  10. Anonymous said: You are so cool!! Let's be friends!!

    Best friends forever

  11. This dude (at Irving Plaza)

  12. Yesterday would have been my Grandma’s birthday so I dug through my archive and found this of my grandparents.

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  13. Double header tonight! Seeing Warpaint at Webster and then Ought at Bowery


  14. Anonymous said: Do you recommend 400 or 800 iso for concerts?

    800 all day

  15. butiwasthere:

    Mikal Cronin | Pitchfork day party | 1100 Warehouse