1. Matt Healy of the 1975 at Reading Festival. Photo by me

  2. The Orwells playing ping pong backstage at Reading festival 

    (Source: butiwasthere)


  3. Anonymous said: When you are using your film camera, do you use a flash? if so what flash?

    The only flash I use on my film camera is the built in one to my point and shoot. I’ve never used flash with my film slr

  4. the-orwells:

    We put together a live EP for Noisetrade, download “Live From Dingwalls” for free here: http://noisetrade.com/theorwells/the-orwells-live-from-dingwalls

    My photo used for another orwells cover!

    (via theorwellstheorwells)

  5. whatemilywears:

    had the pleasure of meeting the talented butiwasthere last week, looking forward to seeing the photos he took whilst he was in leeds

    "Fuck off Dan!"


  6. Anonymous said: Daniel I'm honestly so happy for you that Rolling Stone used one of your photos. I really hope you go far, I do. One day I'm just going to be sitting there and your name's going to come up in conversation or in a magazine or on the internet and I'll be able to say, "Hey I, like, kinda know that kid." Keep on doing what your doing. I really enjoy seeing your photography.

    This is the best. Thank you so much. I won’t let you down


  7. Anonymous said: Do you have anymore pictures from their U street music hall show in march?

    When I get back to New York I’m planning working on that tour set. I’ll try to post some more

  8. Leaving Reading I saw this and had to take a quick picture

  9. Orwells smashing stuff and rolling around on the floor at Reading Festival 

  10. Vampire Weekend at Reading Festival Photo by me

  11. Got a little souvenir from @theorwells at #readingfestival


  12. Leeds has been amazing to me so far. Sorry I haven’t posted photos I’ve been drunk the whole time


  13. Anonymous said: What equipment do you use for live gigs? Camera/lens? :))

    Canon 5d mark Ii 16-35, 50mm


  14. Anonymous said: what are you gonna do in London?

    No idea! Probably get drunk and go to rough trade.
    Give me a tour


  15. grrrl-narly said: what gigs are you going to see in the uk?

    I’m going to Protomartyr in Leeds tomorrow, then Reading festival and if there’s any good shows in London in the next few days let me know