1. Anonymous said: are you seein twin peaks at babys all right in august?!

    For sure! They’re setting up on the floor so it should get crazy


  2. Anonymous said: where in brooklyn do you live??



  3. Anonymous said: are you going to lolla?

    No I have to back in NYC for a couple of jobs in a few days

  4. I should be packing for Chicago but I’m laying on the floor trying to organize my records and playing with my dog. Oh well

  5. Anon asked me what happened the night Cadien broke his foot so here’s a little picture story. Pic#1 We were in New Orleans pretty early and started drinking early and he got pretty drunk. Pic #2 He was pretty crazy during their set and stumbling around. Pic #3 He was on stage with Orwells for most of the set and jumping around and face timing his gf and singing along. Pic 4 He snuck up behind Matt and picked him up Pic 5 He took off his shirt for some reason Pic #6 Apparently he picked up Mario(not sure why I didn’t see it) and he went backstage and thought he had sprained his ankle. Pic #7 Next day at SXSW he had to be helped onto stage and played the show on a stool.

    (Source: butiwasthere)


  6. Anonymous said: Do you have any pictures of the orwells/twin peaks show when cadien broke his foot? or of that moment?

    I do! Not the exact moment but give me a minute and I’ll give you a little story line

  7. Kyle Thomas aka King Tuff walking in Williamsburg

  8. NYC on film

  9. Henry cooling off after the Rough Trade show

  10. The Orwells in the Shea Stadium greenroom

  11. This is my editing face

  12. J Mascis at Music Hall of Williamsburg

  13. J

  14. Bushwick | Jose

  15. One of my favorite Orwells shots I’ve taken. Not sure what it is but I love it